July 23, 2019

"Why are there super healthy green areas in my yard?"  Maybe a wheelbarrow of fertilizer was mysteriously turned over there... OR  you might have a plumbing leak.  There may be squishy ground in that green green super healthy area of your yard.  Since plumbing leaks ar...

July 6, 2019

   "Why are you digging in my yard?!  I only asked you to fix the water line"  Vital utilities such as water supply lines and building sewer lines are buried there.  They may not be as pretty as green grass but try living without running water or a magical porcelain ch...

June 29, 2019

Lately the local water companies have been installing "smart meters" throughout the city.  These new meters can tell the water company in live time if you have a water leak in your home.  Many people have been getting yellow leak notices on their doors and even phone c...

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