24/7 emergency drain cleaning, clogged toilet, and drain repair services in Athens and Watkinsville Georgia Area. 

       After Hours Plumbing LLC will send a professional to your house with a 3000 lb, 500 cubic ft drain trailer packed with the best industry tools and technology to locate and resolve the problem on the most difficult jobs.  For a limited time we are offering FREE sewer hydrojetting with our cable drain cleaning service to clean the drain of grease and debris after unclogging it.   The sewer jetter blasts 4200 PSI of cleaning power through a spinning 360 degree nozzle up to 120 foot! 

        When your house has a drain that is clogged it can be quite a debilitating experience.  Store bought drain cleaners such as Drano are corrosively acidic and eat at your plumbing system causing leaks under the house and out in the yard. But thats not the worst part.... they dont work!!  The most effective way to unclog your kitchen sink is to gently clear it with a drain machine.  These type of things happen often and can be a result of normal grease build up in the drain or underlying damage or breaks due to roots.  Running a drain machine and collecting a hefty fee is the sum of most plumbing companies out there.  But what was causing the blockage and will it happen again?  These are the type of questions After Hours Plumbing seeks to answer on every clogged tub, toilet or sewer line call. 

       At After Hours Plumbing we spend an average of 1 hour longer than other companies to clean your drains. We never rush through any job and make sure everything is working and draining properly before we leave.  We have machines for indoor use, machines for outdoor use, fast machines, gentle machines, and aggressive machines to navigate through the various, tight, and dirty pipes deep in the ground or under your house.  

      Home backups and clogged drains are no fun!  These issues do not happen often for many home owners.  But if they do it can seem to stop everything.  That's why we stop everything to come help.  We have commercial grade equipment and qualified plumbers to work on your drains and get your life back to normal in no time. 

     -  For sewer mains we can use Sonde technology to locate your underground lines and properly work on your drain system. -

      We give you a comprehensive drain service that you can rest easy after its done.  We also offer customer service guarantee's like rerunning equipment if the line backs up again in the next few weeks.   After doing 100s of these jobs we have learned how to effectively eliminate the things that caused the back up in the first place.  Whether it be hardened grease inside, root balls and intrusions, children's toys, or "flushable wipes"  we use the right machine and tools for the job and make sure the entire blockage is gone with our services.  Other companies quickly run their equipment until the water goes down the pipe and then pack up.  Which service does your family deserve? 





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