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Do you have a leaky faucet or water heater?  Hearing banging pipes in the walls or vibrating noises when you run the water?  It might be because of high water pressure!  Water supply pressure from the city is often too high for plumbing fixtures to operate.  Because of this a pressure reducing valve should be installed in your home between the water connection and the home, usually in a crawl space or where the water heater is installed.  We have So many Leaking fixtures because of failed Pressure Reducing Valves!  90% of the time no one realizes that their plumbing problems are caused by high pressure in the lines.  Your expensive fixtures being replaced could often be prevented by having a PRV valve installed or replaced in your home today!  Check out the video of a PRV Valve being installed below...

Do you have banging in the walls when you flush your toilet or use the washing machine?  The pressure in your home may be too high. After Hours Plumbing can install a new PRV valve for you today! 

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