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Toilet repair

A clogged toilet can stop your days productivity fast! Its Let's get it cleared up to get you back on schedule. 

Its easy to take the magical porcelain chair that makes poo go away for granted.  Toilets often work for dozens of years without problems.  Over time and use the inner seals and valves of a toilet begin to wear and can cause a leak or just flush weakly.  If Your toilet is not flushing right, running all the time, leaking, or just making strange noises,  give us a call to repair, replace, or unclog it!  Call today for a free estimate at 706-248-5934

January 01, 2020

Unclogging a toilet

unclogging toilets is our specialty.  We've learned how to get your pipes flowing again quickly without causing damage to your plumbing fixtures or scratching your toilet bowl.  We have an arsenal of professional machines to unclog your toilet and drains at a cheap price.

these parts anchor the toilet to the floor and create a water tight seal to the receiving pipe underneath

This assembly creates a cushioned, water tight seal between the tank and the bowl

Supply line

This is the hose or tubing with compression fittings that delivers water to the toilet and provides a water tight connection between the shut off valve and the toilet.  We replace these in most toilet repairs to ensure no leaks.   

A common culprit in toilets continually running, making a strange noise, and leaking.  We replace these with a dependable 400a fluidmaster valve.  Note:  it is important to set the valve for the correct flow and water level.  It may be necessary to check water pressure before installation.

This device controls the flow and discharge of the water stored for flushing.  It has some fragile parts that can break off.  Rubber gaskets can degrade over time and cause water to seap from the tank onto the floor.  This is also where the well known Flapper is installed.

May 28, 2023

This is the device that controls the flow to supply the toilet.  It can save the day, or ruin it, if there is a leak in the toilet.  

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