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Can Hurricanes affect your plumbing in Athens?

Can Hurricanes affect your plumbing in athens?

Can Hurricanes affect your plumbing in Athens Georgia ? Recent service calls suggest they can! Hurricane Irma brought strong winds to the metro Athens area like we've never seen before. Trees were fallen all through the city. Billboards, signs, and roofs were effected by the storm. But what about plumbing? On Monday we responded to a water line bust spewing water in a homeowners yard. This troubled customer informed us that the water line had just been replaced 3 months prior to the bust. After inspecting the damage, we found that the plumbing pipe had actually snapped into! Not a fitting loose, not a solvent weld installed wrong, a snap! It turns out, that the water supply pipe was repaired in the midst of several large trees. When Hurricane Irma's strong winds ripped through Athens, the trees swayed and twisted like never before, causing their roots to pull and contort the water line until it snapped. We repaired the line at no charge in the spirit of coming together after the storm and helping one another.

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