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Simple New Device Saves Rental Properties From Flooding Due To Freezing And Other Leaks

Here's a great idea! A great tool for those who have a rental house, busy lifestyles and large families, own their home, or own an air BNB with tenants coming and going! Monitor and Control Your home's water supplies from anywhere in the world with your phone!

This new Flo Smart water meter can detect leaks and shut the water off to any property remotely with an app on your phone! We really like this new tool by Moen and recommend it's use in any house to prevent water damage during freezing temps, accidents, and negligent tenants! We've installed many of these units and they work! Call or text 706-248-5934 or fill out the contact form for more info and to utilize this powerful tool at your home or rental property! Save $1000's with this new tool and prevent leaks and damage!


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