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What is YOUR fastest growing investment ??

There are many wonderful aspects to owning a home. It might just be your fastest growing investment! Could it be paid off to allow free room and board minus the taxes? Could it be the fastest growing investment you have to sell later down the road? Why not insure your water pressure is within safe working range? This is one of the most important components to your home's longevity. Our Quality Brass PRV Valves can increase the life of water heaters, washing machines, faucets, and toilets, and will reduce the risk of water damage.

Due to changes in elevation throughout Athens Georgia, the city utilities department provides pressure in excess of 130 psi. Your home appliances are rated for a maximum of 70 psi. This is why PRV valves(short for "Pressure Reducing Valves") are mandatory in new home construction in Watkinsville, Winterville, Athens Clarke County, and all of Oconee County. If you have experienced any vibrations when running water in your home, have leaking faucets or toilets, or have heard pipes banging in your home, you might have high water pressure. Frequent appliance failure is yet another symptom of high water pressure due to a failed PRV valve or the absence of one. This may be the best plumbing advice I can give for many of you.

We have been studying the effects of high water pressure in homes for 5 years. Many failed PRV valves go unchecked for years and cause damage in homes throughout Athens without the owners knowing the source of leaks and appliance replacements. High water pressure in your home can be brought within a safe working range. Make your money work for you with a free consultation from After Hours Plumbing of Athens and enjoy peace of mind for an affordable price. 706-248-5934.

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