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"We Have a big family and one bathroom... and the toilet wont flush"

Drain problems happen at the worst times. You've got family over for a visit and your father in law informs you of a problem your bathroom. Your getting ready for work and on your way out you notice the water in the toilet bowl slowly drains out when you flush... These are the type of things you want to shoot a quick text or phone call to your local plumbing company to assist with.

Garbage disposal lines and kitchen drains are usually serviced by a 2 inch drain pipe. This line is cleared by a smaller drain machine than the main line requires and cost less to clear. Normally most plumbing companies would use an auger machine to clear the line that drains the garbage disposal, kitchen sink, and clothes washer. Whats the problem with that?? An auger or drum type machine only clears about 25% of the line! The cable used is only a 1/4 or less of the pipe augered. Use a company that has a Sewer Jetter that can service 1 1/2" - 3 inch lines! Whats special about that you say? Well most Hydro Jetter machines are for commercial use or large pipes 3"-12" in diameter. In the process of cleaning most Hydro jetters would usually get stuck in 2" fittings. Look for 4200 psi 360 cleaning on your gunked up washing machine lines and kitchen lines as well as the big sewer mains to the street.!! the results will last a lot longer than the old sewer rodding or snaking service.

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