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There are so many things wrong with pouring Drano down the drain. My name is Zac Sims and Im a master plumber at After Hours Plumbing LLC in Athens Ga. We go out to drain clogs and toilet clogs on a daily basis. Homeowners and residents often put Drano down the drain before we arrive. It says right on the bottle "Clog remover" "top selling product". Well it does happen to be a top selling product! But does it work? Most moms say no. Is it safe for pipes? A popular You tuber recently did a test of Drano on solvent welded pipes without metal fittings. A PVC pipe soaked in Drano broke with less weight than a pipe soaked in water. But what if your home is like 90% of homes out there that has a metal washer, chrome drain under the sink, or metal somewhere in the plumbing system? Drano is CAUSTIC, meaning it eats metal. When the product is poured down the drain of a bathtub for instance, It immediately begins a chemical reaction with metal tub drain connection breaking it down and removing the water tight seal installed in your home built to be water proof. This product's worst side effect for me is that when we get called out for a drain blockage after a customer has used this product ( that did not clear the clog) we get an instant burn when removing the plumbing fittings to clear the pipe. Just last week I was on a job that had Drano in the line. I knew that Drano had been used within seconds of working at this customers home. I asked the owner " did you happen to use Drano?" The customer said " Yes! how did you know?" I knew as soon as I loosened the P trap nut and water began to spew past my gloves and down my arms and I could feel the acidic burn of Drano. It didn't work for this customers grease clog. And I was left with a burn for hours until i could get back to the office hours away.

The worst part is it didn't even work for the customer! What is the most natural drain cleaner?? It is not something that that you put down the drain that stays there. Its drain equipment from After Hours plumbing that uses no harmful chemicals, is 100% guaranteed, and can be completely removed from the drain after the procedure. Families and moms nowadays want natural drain cleaners that work without harmful side effects or dangerous chemicals being stored in the home. Unfortunately, homeowners that use Drano are stuck with a caustic chemical reaction for years to come. We recommend a mechanical drain cleaning device such as a high pressure sewer jetter be used to clear blockages and forego the acidic alternatives! This is Zac with After Hours Plumbing LLC wishing you happy flushing! ;)

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