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A love story inside a water heater??

The man, the God, the legend, Jesus Christ walked the earth thousands of years ago.  Some say he still walks the earth today.  He sacrificed His life so that whoever believes in him could have life with him forever. 

    Could there be a picture of this love story in a water heater?  Inside the metal shell of a water heater there is what we call an anode rod.  Electric water heater repairs are usually done by replacing the heating elements, thermostats, T and P valve, or all of these components.  The anode rod is the most important factor in determining the life of your water heater.  The rod is screwed into the top of your water heater and protects the metal elements from rusting.  It essentially sacrifices itself to be eaten by the minerals in the water in order to save the whole water heater from damage. 

    The anode rod in a water heater is an abstract picture of what Jesus did for mankind.  He came to our rescue and covered us with his blood so that we could be saved from the corrosiveness of sin.   Call me crazy, call me love sick, Call Jesus to save you.  Call our family plumbing service in Athens GA to save your water heater.   Im Zac with After Hours Plumbing LLC and I see a love story in a water heater.   

-Plumber Zac-

After Hours Plumbing LLC

520 Gaines School Rd, Athens GA 30605


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