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There's an emergency at our house!

There's an emergency at our house!  Every time we receive an emergency plumbing call from your house its an emergency at our house!  You're in bed asleep when you feel water dripping on your face.  More and more it awakes you until you step onto the floor just in time to dodge the ceiling collapsing onto your bed.  The hubby is out whipping the leaves up with the leaf blower and trips over the garden hose pulling it off the wall and leaving a new fountain in the front yard.  We know a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two.

Why and how are we different on emergency plumbing jobs?   I will tell you about a few of the qualities that set us apart from some of the other 24 hr plumbing services in Athens and Watkinsville.  At After Hours Plumbing we:

1) Have flat rate pricing.  We offer upfront cost below the national average for each job and remain transparent.  No matter how long the plumbing repair or replacement takes, you are not charged more for overtime or difficult jobs.  

2) Have Value.  We bring lots of Value to the table by doing a solid installation or repair for less.  We solder copper pipe instead of using push fittings when possible!  High quality parts and materials are always stocked and used on your job.  We charge less than the national and local average every time.  We use quality equipment and never rush through your job.

3) We do it right the first time.  On sewer cleaning jobs we run diagnostic equipment, retrieval equipment, cleaning equipment, and then flush the lines with a high pressure hydro jetter for free.  Our services last longer than most plumbing services because we thoroughly clean and rinse your plumbing system. 

Let our family serve yours with exceptional plumbing service in Athens and Watkinsville Georgia.  

After Hours Plumbing LLC

520 Gaines School Road, Athens Georgia 30605


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