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"Smart Water Meters"

Lately the local water companies have been installing "smart meters" throughout the city.  These new meters can tell the water company in live time if you have a water leak in your home.  Many people have been getting yellow leak notices on their doors and even phone calls from the water company about a suspected leak.  This is a part of the water companies new customer service incentive to gain customers satisfaction and trust.  

       At After Hours Plumbing, we have diagnosed hundreds of water leaks and are able to fix them the same day most of the time.   Occasionally after isolating the water service line buried in the yard it happens to be that the service line itself is leaking underground.  When this is the case we offer the best replacements in town with quality PEX piping and oversized lines for better flow.  We use clean excavation techniques and carefully locate and hand dig around public utilities such as power lines, network cables, and gas lines.  We leave a minimal impact in your yard and cover the excavation area with straw.  Call us today for a free estimate on a quality water line replacement.

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