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Everybody uses hot water. We've found a way to make it cheaper.

Everybody uses hot water. It's ingrained in our lifestyle in America. Whether it's taking a hot shower in the morning before work or washing the dishes after dinner everybody in America uses hot water in their home. We have found a way to make that cheaper for you! For a limited time we now offer a free power timer for your water heater when we install a new water heater or replace an old one. You can choose when you and your family need hot water in the morning and the last time you use it in the evening and save money in between! Water heater tanks energize the heating thermostats 24/7 to keep the water heater at a constant temperature. With our new water heater power timers you can choose when you use power and when to tell the water heater to take a break! This really comes in handy if your going on vacation or out of town for a while. Call us today for more info at 706-248-5934 or send an email to We look forward to serving you!

Water heater timer

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