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3 things a plumber’s gotta know?

Plumbing is easy. Just ask anyone. We only have 3 simple rules! Even your grandma could do it. We've taken the liberty to compile a detailed list of plumbing techniques and rules for you and your DIY projects anytime you need plumbing done.

1. Payday is Friday. 2. Poop flows downhill. 3. Under NO circumstances do you bite your fingernails.

Some variations are available, such as:

1. Hot is on the Left; cold is on the right

2. #$%^& runs downhill.

3. Never, ever, put your tools in your mouth.


1. Your check comes on Friday

2. Poop doesn't defy gravity

3. Don't suck your thumb.

We don't want to overload you with all this plumbing training but we will insert one persons explanation of rule #2. What is the meaning of "poop rolls downhill"? " it means when something goes wrong the blame goes down to the subordinates. The well off in medieval cities also tended to have their houses on high ground for the very same reason."

I hope this emboldens you when you face plumbing issues in your home. Just remember the 3 golden rules of this easy trade and get your plumb on! ;) We live by these rules at After Hours Plumbing and are happy to help should you need someone who practices them on a weekly basis. Our number is 706.248.5934 and remember that your #2 is our #1 priority!

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