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Best faucet We've ever installed is cheap on Amazon!

Our most recent kitchen faucet install has given us a good reason to share with you 2019's most ergonomic and stylish faucet and it's actually cheap on!

Faucet installation by After Hours Plumbing LLC

The Installation request came from S Lumpkin St. just a block from the University of Georgia on October 8th, 2019. The homeowner's old kitchen faucet had badly worn parts and the owner had done a lot of research on finding the best replacement. The result was a very impressive commercial model from a company called Aimadi. They offer attractive metal finishes but the ergonomics of this faucet simply surpass anything we've ever seen for $82 bucks!

Aimadi Kitchen Faucet install by After Hours Plumbing LLC

  • The Contemporary Aimadi faucets feature a modern look and high-grade spring with extreme flexibility

  • Two nozzles of different uses satisfy your specific needs, The high-pressure nozzle provides a powerful, high-volume spray while the other one has a steady stream.

  • The two nozzles are removable to rinse every part of cookware and sink

  • Made of top grade brass with the Brushed finish, exceptionally durable and resistant to scratching, tarnishing, corrosion and discoloration.

kitchen faucet sprayer

Other than the 2 smooth operational sprayer heads that diffuse the water in a non splashing yet powerful flow, our favorite feature is an optional new age lighting feature seen in some of the fanciest hotels. The faucet head illuminates the stream of water that gives the effect that your washing your hands in liquid color! The light color changes with the temperature of the water and indicates hot, warm or cold.

After Hours Plumbing in Athens is always looking for ways to be helpful and this was just too good not to pass on for those who are in need of a new faucet or want to upgrade their kitchen. Similar faucets are 3x the price with less comfort and functionality. If we can assist you by installing one of these or any other plumbing fixtures give us a call at 706-248-5934 for professional installation at a lower price! We've added the link to the faucet below.

After Hours Plumbing LLC

520 Gaines School Rd, Athens GA 30605


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