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Kaboom Toilet Cleaner Works!

One of these scrub free units were installed on our customers home throne today. The toilet was clean and fresh smelling like a little elf home made of cedar wood without the fill valve being damaged! A failed fill valve is a common issue caused by chlorine tablets or in tank gel. Until this Kaboom cleaning system all the other tank drop in products caused premature fill valve failure due to the corrosiveness of the cleaners. Fluidmaster even started putting warnings on their fill valves stating that the use of in tank cleaners would void the manufacturer warranty. The Kaboom system dilutes its cleaner into the flow of water exiting the tank by means of the flush valve overflow tube and skips the tank! Genius! I was so excited and impressed with this product it makes our After Hours Plumbing recommendation list for your home! Its available on Amazon for $12.57 with two day shipping! Everybody knows about Amazon but do you know about After Hours Plumbing? Call us today for any leaks, clogs, or questions at 706-248-5934! God Bless You

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