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COVID 19 Special Coverage

Athens-Clarke County is currently under a local emergency declaration due to the Coronavirus threat. Many non essential stores have been ordered to cease all activities.

BECAUSE clean running water and flushing toilets are so essential to proper hygiene and health, plumbing companies are on the front line of defence as one of the best forms of public health services. Basic plumbing services such as drain cleaning, leak repairs and water heater repairs are still offered affordably by After Hours Plumbing of Athens during this time of self isolation and "social distancing". We have low rates for services during this time that are even below the national average for plumbing service costs!

We are committed to ensuring a HEALTHY HOME environment for you and your family. A clogged toilet, kitchen sink, or backed up building sewer would make a home unsanitary pretty fast! That's why we're still just a phone call away to make essential plumbing repairs!

Coronavirus has changed the way we serve:

* all service techs have been provided with new mask and will wear them at all times while indoors.

*We wear sterile gloves and shoe covers at all times while indoors

*We Maintain 6ft of distance not to be awkward but safe for you :)

* We shake elbows not hands! haha

Thank you for using After Hours Plumbing as we continue to serve during this time of need in the great city of Athens! 706-248-5934.

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