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Water Heater Destroys Home

There's a few misguided things that people can do when the hot water goes cold that will leave your home in ashes! A lot of people don't know where the water heater is, let alone how it works or how to fix it. We see electrical fire damage often and need to correct a few misconceptions about what to do when your hot shower goes cold.

One of the first things homeowners and renters do when an electric water heater stops working is to flip the breaker in the breaker box back on. But what tripped the breaker in the first place? Often the tenant or resident just wants to finish they're hot shower! Flipping the switch a few more times seems to be a good effort. It's like a jump start button right? Maybe it just needs more power. Once it pops and trips the breaker again they flip it back on a few more times trying to get hot water.

95% of the time if a hot water heater trips the breaker in the box its due to an electrical failure or the presence of water in the connection box! The breaker is not a jump start button for the 240 volt appliance! Its there to protect against electrocution and fire when there is damage to the water heater!

Water heater supply line leaks or tank rupture can fill the electrical connection box at the top of the water heater and cause a short and corrosion (and the puddle of water in the floor can be electrified too). A water heater replacement may be in the near future in this case.

Heating Elements that have worn thin can also trip a breaker. These can be replaced rather affordably by your local qualified plumber. It's much cheaper than a water heater replacement. So next time the hot water runs cold in your home think twice about flipping that breaker back on. Hope this is helpful and save's someone from smelling smoke in their home late at night.

-Plumber Zac-

After Hours Plumbing LLC

520 Gaines school Rd. Athens Georgia 30605


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